Monday, September 25, 2006

Pack your kit, show your grit, talk bullshit

Neil Kitson takes a nicely aimed shot at the King and Country crowd at the Globe on

Bloody but Unbowed: Canadians in Afghanistan
From the editorial board of
The Globe and Mail

"Canadian troops are not in Iraq, although this newspaper has consistently advocated sending them there. As we said at the time of the Coalition intervention in 2003, 'much good should flow from it.' Subsequent events have proved our position to be entirely wrong. It is now clear that Iraq is in a much more desperate situation than before the invasion, that there were no 'weapons of mass destruction,' and that the invasion was illegal and without justification. We at the Globe are therefore satisfied, like Col. Cathcart, that our genius for ineptitude has not been blunted.

It is in this light that we wholeheartedly support the Canadian involvement in the Afghan catastrophe. We report that our troops are being killed and injured at quite respectable rates, enough perhaps to get us some credibility in Washington. It is indeed regrettable that some of these casualties have been from American bombing and strafing, but this is still honorable: war is a tough business...."

Read the whole thing here.

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