Saturday, December 16, 2006

Makes no sense at all

Two things I never thought I'd see together: Joan Rivers and Hüsker Dü.

It's all very surreal (even more so than the Warehouse-esque set they're playing on), but my favourite moment is when, going to commercial after the interview, Rivers says "We'll be right back in a few minutes with the 85-year-old marathon winner and actor Ian McKellan," and the studio band starts into "Got To Get You Into My Life" by The Beatles. Plus, they let Hüsker Dü do a second song to play out the show! It's like a scene from some alternate universe where Hüsker Dü broke big, Nirvana-style, instead of breaking up.

(And what the hell was Ian McKellan promoting that night? This was 1987, which, according to McKellan's own website, he spent performing a solo show called "Acting Shakespeare." More proof that this is from an alternate universe – one I would kill to live in.)

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DGM said...

IIRC, Husker Du was on the verge of breaking up around the time of this performance -- that the band just seems to be phoning in the performance would be par for the course, I suppose. Still, the Husker doodz deserve more credit than they get for influencing a generation of bands (though considering that generation includes emo crap like My Chemical Romance, maybe it's just as well that Husker Du escapes the blame).