Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Answering rhetorical questions

from Macleans:
Is [George Stroumboulopoulos] just the latest point on the CBC hipster-doofus continuum – Daniel Richler, Avi Lewis, Evan Solomon, Jian Ghomeshi – or The One?
The first one.


ognir.rrats said...

I dunno. He seems cut from a somewhat less obnoxiously patterned cloth than the usual self-absorbed, union-suckled lot you get on the CBC. And he's very nice in person.

Ghomeshi, for certain, is a self-absorbed prick on and off the air.

nathan said...

That's probably true, backwards Ringo, and I've heard it myself, but I mean more what Strombo represents to the CBC - their new Poochie.

Anonymous said...

I just like the fact that people have to pronounce Stroumbouloupoulos.


ognir.rrats said...

Oh yes, backwards Nahtan, they are certainly trying to "sex thing up", and failing miserably. They are not unlike Canadian publishing in that regard. Many years out of date and completely out of touch with what people find entertaining. George should have gone to CTV.

c. said...

I don't know that there's room enough at any network for both George and the alarmingly orange Ben Mulroney.