Thursday, March 22, 2007

Toronto Police U.S. Army searches for Joshua Key - UPDATED

Was wondering when this might happen.

from The Globe and Mail:

A war resisters' support group says Toronto police officers came looking to question a U.S. army deserter, and it accused police of doing the U.S. military's "bidding."

The Toronto-based War Resisters Support Campaign issued a press release yesterday saying that three plainclothes officers visited the home of a Toronto family on March 13 looking for Joshua Key. Mr. Key, 28, is a former combat engineer with the U.S. army who fled to Canada in 2003 after serving in Iraq.

The family gave Mr. Key shelter when he arrived in Canada four years ago. According to the group, the officers identified themselves as being with the Toronto police and said they wanted to ask Mr. Key some questions about allegations he made in his autobiographical book, The Deserter's Tale.

In his the book, Mr. Key describes several incidents involving American U.S. troops in Iraq, including one in which he says he saw soldiers playing soccer with the heads of decapitated Iraqis.

What exactly are they going to ask him? He's been here for FOUR YEARS and hasn't exactly been hiding out.

"Mr. Key, are you sure they were playing soccer with the heads? I mean, Americans hate soccer..."

My review of The Deserter's Tale can be found here.

[UPDATE: According to Friday's Globe, the U.S. Army's Criminal Investigation Command has confirmed it's looking for Key. The Star says the T.O. police have confirmed it has nothing to do with them.]

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