Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Is that a gun in your pocket, Mark?

Mark Steyn looks at the horrible shooting in Virginia, and he's all like, "No way – not even I am crazy enough to talk shit about the dead students."

Then he remembers that he's Mark-motherfucking-Steyn, goddamit!

As I noted before, for Steyn, it's all about the cock.

UPDATE: A nice run-down of the shittiness here.
I don’t understand it. I really don’t. You could find more informed and enlightened commentary by interviewing the guy on the 39 Bus in Boston who thinks he’s the Invisible Man. Why isn’t he being paid six figures to write weekly columns for the National Review? Hell, he wouldn’t even require all that money- just give him a cheeseburger, and he’ll gladly pen 3,000 words explaining why people who get shot by angry psychopaths deserved to die because they didn’t pack heat and/or were Muslamoatheists. What the hell.
Exactly. Not to mention that if any of these people actually found themselves in a dangerous situation, they would quickly start to resemble Bill Paxton's tough-talking, fake spy when confronted with Schwarzenegger in True Lies. ("I got a really small dick. It's pathetic," is the exact line, for those shockingly unfamiliar with the movie. There is some pants-pissing involved, too, if I remember correctly.)


David said...

Nathan, you are so good on Martel, but clearly living in Canada has made you too much of a pansy when it comes to self defense.

The liberal approach to guns is as ineffective and as morally corrupt as the Kellogg-Briand pact outlawing war.

Wishing human beings to renounce violence in all cases will never make it so, and hoping for a competent, impartial agent of the state to intervene always in time when danger lurks is absurd wishful thinking.

Steyn is right on this matter. And the fact that you have to question his intelligence and his manhood, not his arguments, should make that clear.

nathan said...

Calling someone a "pansy" right off the bat? You've clearly learned at the feet of the master.

David, Steyn is a fool and a chump – he really is. Look around the internet: a lot of very clever, non-Canadian pansies have gathered togethered some of his more "insightful" pronouncements on the world and it workings.

You really should go back and read Steyn's actual words again. After all, if he can question the manhood of a bunch of scared students being stalked by a well-armed homocidal nutcase, I can question his. Especially given the fact that Steyn is, as I have said before, the worst kind of imperial leg-humper around, looking for the big daddy of strutting authoritarianism to put him on its lap and stroke his hair.

You'd be amazed to know there are millions of people who don't think being a smug, well-fed pundit who flatters those in power and writes shitty things about shooting victims is such a brave or manly thing to be. You'd also be amazed to know that human courage isn't all concentrated either south of the waistline or south of the 49th parallel.