Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Arts & Letters Daily... today

I know A&L Daily's been this way for a while, now, but I thought I'd do a semi-random sampling of its front-page links from today.

So here we are (tell me if you see a pattern):
Londonistan calling. How a nation moved from cricket and fish-and-chips to burkas and shoe bombers in a single generation... more»

Bad news from Gujarat: why is India seeing the erosion of democracy and the rise of Hindu fascism? Martha Nussbaum asks the hard questions... more»

Western analysts bleat on about the strategic importance of that backward, oil-rich area we call the Middle East. Why not just ignore it?... more»

Literary blogs are fine. They’re a version of your mom’s book club. But when it comes to serious reviewing, we need serious media... more»

Who’s “more literate” when it comes to literature, Bob Silvers of the New York Review of Books, or George W. Bush? Tom Wolfe says he knows... more»

Climate change is “a baptism by fire for the developing global society,” says one scientist. And so what, if science becomes activism?... more»

Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution can be linked, some say, to such diverse evils as communism, fascism, and terrorism... more»

What’s wrong with the modern literary novel? Why is it so worthy and dull? Why is it so anxious? Why is it so boring? Julian Gough asks... more»

American feminists are destined to play but a small role in the battle for Muslim women’s rights. They are too preoccupied by their own imagined oppression to help others... more»

Goethe was a new kind of hero, and man who brought art and life together in a way that did not look like a grubby compromise... more»

European leaders mean well but are naive in their stance on Turkey, says Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Turkish liberals need the army in the struggle with the Islamicists... more»

Ahmadinejad’s promise to wipe Israel off the map has not been taken seriously the West. It should be – and we ought to bomb Iran, says Norman Podhoretz... more»

Stalin’s greatest pleasure was to choose his victim, wreack cruel vengeance, and then go to bed. “There’s nothing sweeter in the world”... more»

George Tenet’s new memoir: a bogus history by a man whose hindsight is cockeyed and who had no foresight at all... more» ... more» ... more»

Decaf liberalism brewed with fair-trade coffee. Benjamin Barber’s new book is about as subversive as Ben and Jerry’s or Whole Foods... more»

Cardinal Ratzinger’s message was that Jesus is a genius, and the lucidity of his exegesis should prompt Alleluias... more» Also: Did Hitler go to heaven?

And, finally:
Blogging is yammering, not writing, and the “democratic literary landscape” it creates is a wasteland, without standards, maps, or oases of intelligence and delight... more»

Kent Brockman: "Tonight on Smartline: The power plant strike, arglebargle or fooferaw?"


Ian said...


Liz has a funny story about writing Arts & Letters Daily to complain about just that.
They actually responded--justifying their own shimshammery.
you might be interested in the exchange.

nathan said...

Email it to me, Ian, puhleeze.