Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Revamping the Rag

Beattie's joint has moved and gone upscale.

I like the new look, and am a little envious, though the "notes from a literary lad" tag feels a little too "Memories of Oxford Common Rooms" for me.

I've been wondering what to do with this place. It's very nearly a year old, and gets some decent daily traffic – fewer visitors than places like BoingBoing or Arts&Letters Daily get in the time it took to write this sentence, but a decent enough number for a blog like this, that is mostly full of snide one-liners about Canadian also-rans, with the occasional impotent rant about some minor CanLit non-event.

I will likely spruce things up closer to the publication of the book, though that is still [winces] a year away. Probably the first thing to do will be to move, as Steven has, that .com closer to my name, though for now there is something appropriately humble about keeping the two separated.

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J. Larue said...

This post made me realize I should step forward and say thanks for the snide one-liners. I really enjoy them and I figure you should know that. In fact, once I even printed off a post and passed it around the office just to watch people react in horror. I thought what you were saying was bang-on. (It was the whole Yann-Globe thing.) But I sensed that one or two of my colleagues wouldn't agree, so being who I am I printed the post and passed it around. Wow. You made someone turn red with anger. Should I feel bad for enjoying that moment? I guess not everyone shares our sense of humour.

BTW, my office is a high school English Department. Yep, you can feel good in the knowledge that you've been dismissed - rather violently, I might add - by a high school English teacher.

Keep it up.