Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The new Harry Potter: same as it ever was

I'm finding the Guardian's book blog to be mostly filled with dim bulbs kvetching humourlessly about minor issues or being too cutesy – which, I guess, makes it just like every other bookish blog, this one included – but I'm a big fan of John Crace's Digested Reads, and liked his entry on the perils of trying to speed-digest embargoed books.

I especially liked his take on the coming HP:
There again, anyone who's read the first six Harry Potter books, could probably knock off a review of the seventh right now. So here's mine.The book will start witph Harry making his way back to Hogwart's for his final year and his scar will be hurting. Ginny and Ron will be flirting a bit, while Harry tries to take himself seriously by almost swearing. There will be loads more unedited, not very interesting back story that should have been cut and there will be a 'terrifically, exciting denouement that I can't reveal as I don't want to spoil the plot in which two much-loved characters die'. Oh, and JK will make another fortune.
It reminded me of the time I offered to read and review Order of the Phoenix for Maisonneuve magazine, all in one day. Here's part of the results online. I can still remember that day – sticking to the couch, skimming dialogue (something I'd already mastered while co-reading the other ones to my son), watching with dread as the sun went down, the boy having barely got to frigging Hogwarts...

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