Wednesday, August 29, 2007

More schadenfreude

On a diet of coal, urine and wife jokes, Chinese brothers claw their way free

Hey, that was the pitch for my sitcom!

A sample:

Brother #1 (eating coal): You know, my wife is physically unattractive and she refuses to perform sexual intercourse with me.

Brother #2 (drinking piss): My wife, too, is physically unattractive and refuses to perform sexual intercourse! Furthermore, she has no aptitude for cooking.

Brother #1 (eating coal and drinking piss): My feelings about my automobile are far more positive than those I have for my wife.

Brother #2 (drinking piss and eating coal): It is regrettable that automobiles cannot cook!

Brother #1: Ha ha!

Brother #2: Ha ha!

Brother #1: Ha ha!

Brother #2: Ha ha!

Audience: Ha ha!

Brother #1: Keep digging.

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