Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Clichés do come true (it can happen to you)

It's sad, really, that at the moment I'm finding the best music to listen to while careening home from work on my bike is Master of Fucking Puppets. It just keeps happening.

There is no implied ironic devil salute when I'm doing it – I really do love the record, it's just a little isolated as far as my usual listening habits go – though every once in a while, I feel as though Andy Frost is about to yell out: "Ladies and Gentlemen: these are your Toronto Maple Leafs!" (Yes, I know: "Enter Sandman" is not the real 'tallica ...)

The stuff is unbearable on the way to work, however, when I usually listen to standup comedy – my own private morning drive show, except it's Richard Pryor or Billy Connolly instead of two wieners in implied Hawaiian-print shirts giggling over Lindsey Lohan and setting off a-hooga horns between repeat playings of the hot new Don Henley single.

ADDED: On this morning's private morning drive, I listened to David Cross do a bit about how much he hates doing "Morning Zoo" shows with the two ker-aaazeee DJs; he specifically notes the presence Hawaiian shirts and the extra-stale Monica Lewinsky jokes.


GarBut said...

You're on a bike, Whitlock, careening home from work.


Quilty said...

Am I alone in thinking that listening to an iPod/portable CD contraption while riding a bike through rushhour traffic in downtown Toronto is suicide?

john macdonald said...

I think the new Don Henley single is ace!

DGM said...

Heh - "implied Hawaiian-print shirts!" Just about sums up morning zoo radio, really.