Saturday, January 19, 2008

No strike at the Toronto Star?

Shaun S. just sent me this link:

We have a tentative agreement, reached at 2pm on Saturday after days of round-the-clock bargaining with the mediator.

We have also agreed, and so has the company, that no details will be released, by us or by them, before we have a ratification vote with you some time next week. We don't even know the day of the meeting yet.

So we are barred from telling you anything here. The good news is that we can stand down from strike posture. It's back to work as usual. And thank you all for your support; it's made all the difference.

– Maureen Dawson, unit chair

From what I was hearing and reading, the two sides were pretty far apart in terms of demands, so this is hopefully good news for everyone there.

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