Thursday, January 31, 2008

The richards are different from you and me

This long article in the new Vanity Fair about the battle between Richard "Dick" Scaife, ultra-rich funder of numerous right-wing causes, and Ritchie, his second (now ex-)wife , is a hoot – even if you're not into that kind of thing.

The funniest part is the account of the pair's wedding:
For the exchange of vows, on the old Penguin Court property (Dick had had the gloomy mansion torn down after his mother died, in 1965), Ritchie wore a short white dress. For the reception, at Ligonier’s Rolling Rock Club, the new wife surprised her husband, a fireworks aficionado, by hiring Zambelli, which is responsible for the July Fourth shows on the Mall in Washington, to create a blazing sign on the lawn that proclaimed, in sparkling letters, RITCHIE LOVES DICK. Even today, a certain set of Pittsburgh women, including wives of some of the country’s most brass-knuckled industrialists, speak of Ritchie’s flaming double entendre as among the most shocking moments of their lives.

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