Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Minister of Poopy-Pantsedness

So serious is he about the welfare of seniors, Ontario's health minister said Wednesday he's prepared to don an adult diaper - and use it - to satisfy himself that elderly residents of the province's nursing homes are getting appropriate care.

George Smitherman sent eyebrows skyward when he made the straight-faced suggestion in response to critics who say the standard of care in Ontario nursing homes is so bad, residents are being left to wallow in soiled diapers for hours on end.


He said some of his staff laughed at him "the first three times" he talked about the idea, but Smitherman insisted the matter is no joke.

And I'll bet that the next three times he brought it up in the office he was met with looks of dawning horror.

"I said, 'How does a guy like me really actually figure out what's right about all this?"' he said. "Is a product that offers greater absorption capability an appropriate product or is that a front for some diminishment of care?"
You know, I'm all for testing out a hypothesis, but I'm more than willing to accept on faith, and faith alone, that shitting your pants is unpleasant.

To be fair, this may all be part of an initiation for a frat.

[Thanks(?) to Emily D. for the link – and the title.]

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