Friday, February 08, 2008

A slice of a slice of life

The good folks over at LWOT magazine – "the world's greatest fiction magazine" according to, well, them – have been kind/foolish enough to include an excerpt from the novel in the current issue.

I think they overhype it just a wee bit on the splash page, and I don't know why I look 70 years old in the drawing of me that accompanies the thing, but the little pictures throughout are a cute touch.*

Thank you, gentlemen of LWOT. Much appreciated.

* Just in case my genuine sense of gratitude is being lost in an ironic fog, let me make clear I think this is very cool, and I'm flattered they even asked.

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john macdonald said...

The call-centre where Manda worked sat above a bridal store that never seemed to be open. There was dust on the shoulders and heads of the mannequins, the dead-eyed brides and frozen flower girls. Manda hadn’t worn a dress like any of the ones in the window when she married Patrick, so it always pleased her to see them looking rotten. Many of the stores along Dunbridge’s main strip were like this, dark and quiet. There was a whole stretch of pawn shops near the old movie theatre. And they and the dollar stores were thriving – the mall and the new Wal-Mart having sucked everything else out to the highway. The movie theatre itself was sealed up and being used as storage for an army surplus store.

Oh man, this sounds so much like Belleville. The place I grew up feels like a ghost town to me these days.
I can't wait to read it all, Nathan. Congrats.