Thursday, February 07, 2008


Toronto officially has the most pathetic weather of any city on the planet.

It's not so much the extremes – other cities have those to a much more jaw-dropping degree – it's the absolute lack of any logical sense or consistency that makes Toronto's weather so pathetic. Three days ago, it was dry as a bone and springtime warm. Then a snowstorm, followed immediately by a day of melt, then another snowstorm – this one approaching East Coast levels of intensity – and now it appears that we'll have light snow, sunshine, and cold weather for at least a week. After that, who knows? Chinook? Ice age?

(And spare me the "call in the army" witticisms - that's the Toronto-twitting equivalent of Michael Jackson jokes.)

(Just like bitching about the weather is the equivalent of an AM Radio call-in host demanding that the government "get off our backs.")

Like everything else in the city, our weather is just poorly thought out, and seems to have been designed by committee. Who do I call about this?

But I'm still biking through it, dammit. And for that I deserve, as my older brothers used to say, a hero biscuit.


Panic said...

After that, who knows? Chinook?
I wish. It's one of the few things I really miss about Calgary.

Anonymous said...

Oh boo hoo.

I love how when it snows in Toronto its national news.

Grow a pair buddy!

nathan said...

"... and if Michael Jackson ever asks you to 'Beat It' - run!"

[canned laughter]