Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The four-stringed joy machine

You can't be down with one of these around:

And so I bought one. And it looks exactly like the one in the picture.

Life may not be good, ever, but it just became a wee bit more bearable.


Sarah D. said...


Emily D. said...

we have the self-same one. Did you get it at songbird?

Steven Galloway said...

ukes are perhaps the greatest thing there is.
This is a good place for chords:

nathan said...

Em: I bought mine at Long & McQuade on a whim, Songbird being, I thought, defunct.

Thanks for the chords, Steven. I'm looking forward to getting beyond jaunty renditions of "Hotel Yorba."

GM said...

Nice. I have a six string uke-guitar, same brand, that I bought for the boy, but play a bit myself. You have to tune it in f, but it takes guitar chords.