Thursday, April 03, 2008

AWOT arrives at last

Look what the cat dragged in:

Want one?

Bookstores should start getting copies in stock around April 12th. Pages at Queen & John will have copies earlier than that, I believe. (And they will soon have a window display for the book – go see it if you can.)

Also, for the next two months, the Revue Cinema will be running an ad for the book before every movie.

A million thanks to everyone who helped to make this book happen, most especially Michael Holmes and everyone at ECW Press, Ciabh (my goodwyfe), Phil, who did the cover, posters, ad, and much more, and everyone else who helped, offered advice and support, or just generally helped me on my way, most of whom I remembered to thank in the book itself.

ADDED: The Library Journal review is now online. (Scroll down.)


Ross McKie said...

Just a load of congratulations, old boy! It looks frickin' great! (Yes, your novel photographs well.) Congratulations, Nathan!

Ross McKie said...

Hey, will this thing make a good movie coz...?

GarBut said...

I'm ready to buy one NOW. Got pne at your desk? Can you cut me a no-GST sale if I have cash?

nathan said...

I have some, but if you're coming to the event on the 16th, I'd rather Pages got the sale.

Thank, Ross.

(Uh, film? Uh...)

Ognir Rrats said...


GM said...

Looks great, N. Will get a copy soon.

john macdonald said...

Wahey! Good stuff, Nathan. See you on the 16th.

Emily D. said...

Hoping to get one signed at the launch in blood - A RH positive, right? You're bringing sexy back, fer sure.