Thursday, April 17, 2008

Last night

The launch for AWOT went smoothly, I think – the room was crowded, the books sold out, and people seemed to enjoy it.

The piece Alex composed (and performed) was odd, spiky, hypnotizing, and way beyond what I would have settled for. I would have been happy with entertainment, and the fucking guy brought music – which is why I love his stuff.

Ian Daffern’s film loop was even more hypnotizing – we may be doing something more with it.

I was glad to be able to thank certain people who helped out, and I’m glad the books sold – not only for my own egotistic purposes, but because Chris Reed and Pages put so much into this event, I didn’t want to lay an egg. I was especially glad that I could publicly thank Phil Rudz for the fantastic cover he made for the book. I’ve heard that people were getting him to sign the cover, which is at it should be.

Everything from now on is gravy, as far as I'm concerned.

Some photos therefrom (courtesy of Chris Reed) -

The Weeklongs - a.k.a. Ryan Driver, Brodie West, Alex Lukashevsky, and Colin Fisher:

Some dork and his Powerpoint presentation:

Thanks to all who came out.

ADDED: More photos here.

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