Monday, May 12, 2008

More of this

I'm back from reading and talking here and there, and am a little tired of self-promotion at the moment...

...but all the same, one must soldier on, so here's some places where AWOT has popped up over the past couple of days:

Review in The Ottawa Citizen.

Review in the Guelph Mercury.*

Review in The Danforth Review.

(Thanks to everyone who came out to the various events over the past week or so.)

ADDED: AWOT was also reviewed in the May 8 issue of Scene magazine (London, ON), which said the book is "filled with vibrant, gritty imagery and wondrously colourful turns of phrase" and "an ideal springtime read."

* this one also ran in The Waterloo Region Record.


Kerry said...

I was at the FFF event last night, and you were fabulous. Congratulations.

notho said...

I concur!

quite good, great excerpt to read

Kirstie said...

Really enjoyed the book. Thought it was well written and very interesting. :)