Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Couple more

Recoil magazine (Grand Rapids, Michigan):
In A Week of This, Whitlock has done an outstanding job illustrating contemporary life in its nude figure.
Owen Sound Sun Times
I love novels that are both sarcastic and darkly comic like Nathan Whitlock’s A Week of This [...] Danielle Steel it isn’t. Instead what you get is a book that is sweet with humour and sad with the everyday living of life. Intelligently written, it captures the readers’ attention from the first page not letting them go until this train wreck of a novel comes to its unsentimental end.

(Uh, "nude figure"? "Train wreck"?)

By the way, I will be reading this coming Monday night as part of the "Strong Words" series at the Gladstone Art Bar in Toronto.


Ross said...

Uh, "Danielle Steel"?

August said...

You have to understand Owen Sound. Once you do that, "Danielle Steel" makes perfect sense.