Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bikin', drivin', messin' around

What I did on my summer vacation:
  • lost my wedding ring after flipping a paddle boat (it can be done, apparently).
  • read Jane Mayer's horrifying (because true) The Dark Side. (Inappropriately glib capsule review: "It's like Hostel meets Noam Chomsky!")
  • bought groceries and gas in towns where every second business was named Karla's Krafts 'n' Things or suchlike.
  • ate a whole lot of crap.
  • watched a whole lot of sunsets.
For your amusement, here are twin articles from The Globe and Mail – an open letter from a cyclist to a driver, and one from a driver to a cyclist. The gag is... I wrote them both myself. (Get it?... Hey?... Hello?)

NB: both the online and print versions of the article(s) are accompanied by photos of me looking completely relaxed and natural on a bike and behind the wheel.

(ADDED: I took the photo above – while driving, no less – somewhere between Bancroft and Barry's Bay.)

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