Monday, January 05, 2009

Listening post

For someone who used to feel all smug and superior about riding my bike through rain, snow, and sleet, I've been doing a stupid amount of driving lately. The only consolation, aside from being warm and dry and superior in a completely different way, is the amount of music I've been listening to without much distraction.

Currently: New Amerykah, Volume One by Erykah Badu, Road Til the Casket Drops by Clipse, American Gangster by Jay-Z, Charlie Louvin Sings Murder Ballads and Disaster Songs by, well, Charlie Louvin, and half-a-dozen episodes of Bob Dylan's Theme Time Radio Hour.

ADD TO THAT: Wale's The Mixtape About Nothing, the best Seinfeld-themed hip hop ever. (And I was never even all that crazy about Seinfeld...)


Anonymous said...

Your music all sounds like shit.

You should make up a driving mix made up of songs that mention the name of a year in the 1980s somewhere in the lyrics. For example, you could start off with the Eurythmics' "1984: Sexcrime." Then Asia's "The Heat of the Moment" ("And now you find yourself in EIGHTY-TWO!"). Then M+M's "Black Stations, White Stations" ("Stand up and face the music, this is NINETEEN EIGHTY-FOUR!").

There, I've got you started. Throw out that phoney bad-ass white boy crap. You know you don't really like it anyway.

nathan said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Anonymous.

You work on that whole brevity-the-soul-of-wit thing – or even just the wit part, to start - and one day you may get your own half-assed blog!

Keep on shinin'.