Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Straight from my lips to Mark's beard

I seem have made a frenemy. (Check the "reader of the day" box on the right-hand side.)

If it's not there anymore, here it is:


Anonymous said...

Mr. Steyn draws comments such as yours to the attention of his readers for our amusement. Today, you were the decorative parsley for our feast.

nathan said...

Well thanks for that. It's always good to be reminded that frat boys don't disappear, they just become Mark Steyn fans.

DBT said...


Mr. Steyn has done you a great service: In the last day or so, I’m sure readership of this fatuous blog of yours has risen infinitely (which is to say, mathematically speaking, it has gone from zero readers to something greater than zero readers). Of course once people see that the commentary here is largely vacuous, and your responses to reader comments are petty, foolish, and irrelevant, I’m sure your readership will revert to its mean. Please enjoy this time while it lasts.

Sam said...

"Mark Steyn is a dangerous idiot with a suspicously homophobic streak"

You say that like it's a bad thing.


Enjoyed your blog, by the way. Nothing too deep but all good fun.