Sunday, May 31, 2009

Toronto is a pot o' gold

Pretty stunning rainbow arcing over the city last night. From where I was seeing it – nine floors up, way out yonder in the Distillery District – it appeared to be touching down right next to a docked tanker ship:

The city itself looked fairly otherwordly after the storm, too:


Emily D said...

SUrely you know it's a slippery slope from posting rainbow pics to full-on sunset and zoo shots. Unless you can show us the actual pot of gold on the actual tanker, then I said rainbow schmainbow whitlock.

nathan said...

Hey, you get what you pay for here, Em. And since I'm in a rare, "looking at rainbows" kind of mood, rainbows are what you get. Just be glad I went a few days without plugging my book. (Which is still available at many fine bookstores, and for a fair price...)