Friday, September 25, 2009

Emission creep

My favourite class act just gets classier:

Hey, that looks easy – let me try:

"At least all Mama Cass choked on was a ham sandwich..."

Now here are the differences between Steyn's "jokes" and mine:

- I make no effort to tack on some kind of cultural-moral tut-tutting so as to partly disguise the fact that I am making sniggering comments about a situation that's pretty awful all around. (In other words, I just go ahead and eat my cake.)

- My joke actually has the structure of a joke, and is not merely the throwing out of semi-relevant song lyrics and TV show titles in the hopes of maybe landing on "trenchant."

- I have not advocated for an illegal and immoral war, manipulated statistics in order to foment racial paranoia, dismissed human rights abuses, acted as a lapdog to various authoritarian elites, etc, etc, so moral superiority is at least an option for me.

- My joke is kind of funny (or in the neighbourhood thereof).


Anonymous said...

C'mon . . . say his name. If you don't give his name, it won't pop up on google alert, and if it doesn't pop up on google alert he won't be able to send his hordes of yipping minions againstt you. Say his name! I dare's ya! I double dare's ya!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I know you put "Steyn's" but you need his full name for full google effect. Think of it as an experiment. See how long before the commnents start to fill up once you post a criticism of Him.

Anonymous said...

Oh. And excuse the typos. I type too fast at times.

MARK STEYN is an ass!

There, I did it. Now let's see what happens.

nathan said...

I had thought about invoking Voldemort and suffering the wrath of his one-winged monkeys, but I guess the question is academic now, Anon.

It was so quiet around here, too. Sigh.