Saturday, June 05, 2010

Hitch 22 by Christopher Hitchens

My review of the new memoir by Christopher Hitchens in the Toronto Star.

A wee taste:
From the evidence of Hitch 22, the notorious author and journalist has always been riddled with the same contradictions, conflict fetishism, allergy to boredom and bores (but not boors), and preference for emotion-fueled opinionizing over analytical thought that characterize his recent career as a neoconservative fellow traveler and professional crank.
For more of me on the Hitch, see here.

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Robert Kraljii said...

I loved this review of Hitch 22.
You just saved me 30 bucks.
Hitchens is the biggest phony ever.
What moved me to write to you was the following quote, which is so painfully obvious yet I've never seen anyone mention it in a major newspaper so congratulations:
"despite the many thousands of yards of print Hitchens has expended on his pet topics, he has not really thought about them all that deeply."

Thanks for writing it. Your informed intelligence makes me curious to read your novel, even though I rarely read fiction.