Monday, September 20, 2010

Andre Alexis, c'est moi

There are many, many things upon which Andre Alexis and I disagree (one might say furiously), but on this, he and I are like two bitter, occasionally impulsive, and potentially career-damaging peas in a pod:
"i hate the literary community so much, i hate its “careful you might insult so-and-so” very much. so much that i’d love to be something other than a writer. vomiting things up on a blog allows me to contemplate a desired outsider-ness. a good thing, a helpful thing, in the end."
As for the rest of that comment, in which AA takes about 800 words to say "sometimes it feels good to talk shit about your cultural enemies online," well, birds gotta fly, fish gotta swim, literary writers gotta literaryize.

(I am reviewing Alexis's new book for a easily guessed daily newspaper, btw. Coming soon.)


Amy said...

Heh, too funny. I hate that too - sometimes I'm not so good at keeping reviews positive. Especially when I didn't like the book. Then the review ends up being a snarky hate fest... but then I get told off by spiritualists. So I think you have something on the having to be positive :P

Finn Harvor said...

Leaving Canada helps ... psychologically. Of course, it's a slightly different story career-wise, but ah well.

Andre said...


it was 250 words, motherfucker.
i admit it might have felt like more.


nathan said...

Duly noted.