Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Has Ford driven a city (off the cliff) lately?

I sometimes push back against the reflex mocking of my adopted city, but if this man becomes mayor - and I think he will - we deserve everything anyone says about us from now on:

I will say this: his grasp on municipal budgeting is as firm as his grasp on the importance of appearing relaxed and confident on video.

I've seen more natural-looking performances in an S&M dungeon.


Amy said...

Yeah... not at all relaxed. Also, I love how he says that there can't be a hiring freeze, they have to fill roles when people leave, and then say that they just won't replace as many people... what?

Also, if you cut your workers salaries, you're surely going to lose the good ones!

EmilyD said...

Keywords that stood out: "bloated," "gravy train" "reduce size""keeps growing" "a lot of waste" "trimming"and "garbage." And where are his hands when they're NOT on the table?