Friday, November 12, 2010

It's oh so quiet

Around here, anyway. Life has been elsewhere.

Last night, out of curiosity, I mentally stacked up the books I've read (for reviews and other purposes) over the past two months or so, and the stack was rather sickeningly impressive, if I do say so myself. Eye-high to a mermaid's knees.

I'm also continuing to prod this bugger of a second novel toward its conclusion. Why is it that this "light" book has been so hard?

ADDED: well, at least my troll still loves me... (see comments)


Anonymous said...

...because it's Schiet

nathan said...

Hey, that was almost funny!

I'd actually forgotten about you (correctly), but I look forward to dodging your poorly aimed dog turd missiles when I have time for this godawful blog again.

Anonymous said...

Hey, that was almost original!

Speaking of dog-turd, when is the new 'novel' out? My kitty's box needs some new liner.

nathan said...

Meh - a sale's a sale. What you do with the book after that is your deal.

New rule: trollish comments get deleted. People are free to point out my idiocies or point out where the chewing gum that's holding my arguments together is located, but being a dumbass for the sake of being a dumbass gets you kicked out.

Capiche? Good. Sleep tight.

nathan said...

(Added, for the benefit of the true dumbasses who just can't take a hint: my house, my rules. Go home.)