Sunday, April 28, 2013

Fetherling's footnotes

The best group of footnotes in George Fetherling's The Writing Life: Journals 1975 - 2005 (on p. 88):

17 Sarah Sheard (b. 1953), novelist, author of Almost Japanese
18 Douglas Gibson (b. 1943), McClelland & Stewart publisher
19 Lee Harvey Oswald (1939 - 1963), alleged assassin of John F. Kennedy


Finn Harvor said...

Part of the problem is that government investigations tend not to be thorough. It started, ironically, with a progressive president (FDR). When the events surrounding lack of prepartion for an attack on Pearl Harbor were investigated, the US Congress was prevented from gaining unrestricted access to all the government documents it deemed significant. That set an unfortunate precedent which has continued to the present day; the events preceding the "second Pearl Harbor" have not been properly investigated; nor, I suspect, has JFK's assassination.

nathan said...

I totally agree. Douglas Gibson should be investigated at once.