Monday, February 19, 2007

Manly book articles for manly book magazines

When Toro magazine went down last week, it took two articles I'd written for them with it – one on Brad Smith's Big Man Coming Down the Road (for the March issue) and one an interview with Robert J. Sawyer (for the April).

The Sawyer piece is still looking for a home, but Toro has decided to make its March issue, which was never sent to the printers, available as .pdf download.

Get it here.

(A thought: do all men now have to have that dopey-looking swoopy Big Boy/Tin Tin thing going on at the front of their hair?)

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Ognir Rrats said...

Thanks for the pdf link. They took down three of my pieces, though one is in the March pdf.

Nathan, put a bug in your boss' ear at St.J to buy Toro. They need a men's mag down there.