Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Brad Renfro's dead?

Really? Huh.

Don't ask me why, but I once had to endure a viewing of Tom and Huck. Even in that piece of crap, it was clear he was a very talented – but very troubled – guy. Certainly, the gulf between Renfro and Jonathan Taylor Austin Jamal Amber Spyglass Thomas was so obvious it was like watching a duet between Nick Drake and Donnie Osmond.

I'm exaggerating, but still, it was a big gulf.

Too bad.

ADDED: My god, I've made the Knoxville News Sentinel. (Scroll through the links, this humble blog is near the end.)

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Alan Adamson said...

I am a total Law and Order addict - after seeing an episode in syndication maybe a dozen times, I find I do not need to watch it again. But on this point, I believe a couple of days ago, I saw, perhaps only for the third or fourth time, an episode in which he played half of a serial killer team. He was superb. The news I saw saddened me. (The ending was ridiculous but his intensity was glorious.)