Friday, August 20, 2010

Gone Readin'

Headline from the NYTimes Fashion & Style section:

E-Books Make Readers Less Isolated

Isn't that a strike against them?


Anonymous said...

Then will you sell your book as an ebook?

nathan said...

Ah, the old 'irrelevant comment that sounds like a clincher' gambit.

Well played, Mr Fuck.

Anonymous said...

I guess that is a 'yes'.

nathan said...

Sorry for the sarcasm, Mr Fuck. The impending Rob Ford regime has me a little on edge.

To answer your question: sure, if anyone wants them.

My post was a reaction to the idea that an advantage e-books (which I don't really have much against, to be honest) have over trad books is their ability to connect readers, when I personally consider the fact that paper books are able to disconnect readers from most other people, at least for a while, while simultaneously deepening their connection with the world (the fundamental paradox that is reading literature), to be to their overwhelming advantage. E-books can do this, too, so really I was making fun of the article itself, not e-books. And now I have explained a joke, which is never a good thing to do.

Anonymous said...

Well Mr. Wit:

Since you already answered my question, there seemed to be no need to answer it a second time, or at least make an attempt at an answer.

I fail to see how "Isn't that a strike against them?" is humourous.

I hated your book. Can I have my money back?

nathan said...

Um, sure. Exactly. You got it, dude.

(Backs slowly out of room.)